about ploff


As the daughter of a needlework teacher I grew up sewing, making clothes and home furnishings  but  then, with a career and a young family to manage, my creative streak took a back seat.

A few years ago I went on a screen printing course which reignited my love of textiles. I started by printing and making bespoke cushions for friends' special Birthdays and celebrations and then, frustrated in not being able to find some contemporary cushions with a nautical theme  came up with designs based on a local sailing boat. Since that time  my horizons have broadened and I make vintage cushions with unusual vintage fabric I collect, printed cushions in abstract and graphic designs and bespoke cushions for celebrations and special events.

After some encouragement I have decided to launch 'ploff ' to a wider audience and would love to help you find that one-off cushion that showcases your individuality or marks a special occasion or happy memory.

Please get in touch!

Amanda Burgess x

 to ploff v. - to make full, squishy                                          and comfortable (of cushions)                                  c. Harry Burgess 2014